Short Days

It’s December 8th, and in less than two weeks, we will be waking up to the day with the shortest number of daylight hours.    What I often forget is how that coincides with a time of the year when we often have the longest to-do lists.  

Blogging about the teaching I see and the teaching I get to do really helps me…..and I’ve set it aside over and over again in the last eighteen months…thinking I would get to it.   And I haven’t.

But I need it.  And I miss it.

So although the days are short, and the lists are long, I’m going to try to post…..even if it’s short.  

So, here is what I’ve been up to: The Short Version.

In mid-October I began a substitute position at an independent school in Austin, Texas.   I’m teaching K-5 Spanish with amazing colleagues who use Comprehensible Input-based teaching.   I’ve been given the honor of covering for a maternity leave, and I do mean honor.

I love it….I truly do.  The beauty and sometimes brutal honesty of kids this age reminds me every single day what a priviledge, and a responsiblitiy, our job is.  

I’ll be here until mid-February….and I’ll keep you posted.  But right now I’d better get some sleep. I need all of the energy I can get!!

With love,



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