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Upcoming TPRS/TCI Training Opportunities!

The 2018-2019 school year is underway! Here are upcoming trainings…I’ll do my best to keep them updated!
(For a map of trainings check out this site by Mike Peto!! https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1U4Hd7ULT25x325kxuJZakGxVQEhh7wAn&ll=37.50946759489366%2C-104.65791819999993&z=2

Thursday October 19 2018

Stillwater, NY A two and a half hour hands on workshop on Literacy in the Language Classroom. Stillwater is 45 minutes from Albany. Click here to register:

October 2018

1-2 Los Angeles, CA https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/san-antonio-tx-sept-27-28-2018/ Presenter: Mike Coxon

2-3 Portland OR https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/portland-or-oct-2-3-2018/ Presenter: Blaine Ray

4-5 San Diego, CA https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/san-diego-ca-oct-4-5-2018/ Presenter: Mike Coxon

4-6 Williamsburg, VA FLAVA Annual Conference https://flavaweb.org/conference/fall-2018-conference/ Presenters: Brett Chonko and others

5-6 Amsterdam, The Netherlands ETPRS18 http://www.tprsplatform.nl/ Presenters: Various!

**5-7 Milwaukee, WI CI MIDWEST https://cimidwest.weebly.com Presenters: Jason Fritze, Rachel Adams, Annabelle Allen, Justin Slocum-Bailey, Laurie Clarcq, Anna Gilcher, Alina Filipescu, Carol Gaab, Bryce Hedstrom

9-10 Chicago, IL https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/chicago-il-oct-9-10-2018/ Presenter: Mike Coxon

11-12 Lewiston, ME TCI Maine, New England and Beyond! http://tcimainenewenglandandbeyond.weebly.com/2018-conference-info.html Presenters: Martina Bee, Kara Jacobs, Sabrina Janczak, Anne Matava, Julie Speno.

11-12 Denver, CO https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/denver-co-oct-11-12-2018/ Presenter: Von Ray

11-12 Madison WI https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/madison-wi-october/ Presenter: Mike Coxon

15-17 Lansing, MI https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/lansing-mi-oct-16-17-2018/ Craig Sheehy

18-19 Omaha, NE https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/omaha-ne-october-2018/ Presenter: Craig Sheehy

19-20 Rochester, NY NYSAFLT Annual Conference http://nysaflt.org/annual-conference/ Various Presenters!!

20 Cincinnati, OH https://mygenerationofpolyglots.com/product/workshop-in-cincinnati-on-saturday-october-20/ Presenter: Mike Peto

22-23 Kansas City, MO https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/kansas-city-mo-october-2018/ Presenter: Blaine Ray

23-24 Des Moines IA https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/des-moines-ia-october-2018/ Presenter: Craig Sheehy

23-24 Albuquerque, NM https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/albuquerque-nm-october-2018/ Presenter: Von Ray

24-25 St. Louis, MO https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/st-louis-mo-october-2018/ Presenter: Blaine Ray

26-27 Brooklyn Center, MN (Minneapolis area) MCTLC Annual Conference http://www.mctlc.org/Conference_2018 Various Presenters!

29-30 Cleveland, OH https://tprsbooks.com/workshop/cleveland-oh-october-2018/ Presenter: Blaine Ray

November 2018

16-18 **New Orleans, LA ACTFL Annual Conference https://www.actfl.org/convention-expo CI-focused workshop list here: https://fluencymatters.com/actfl-2018/

December 2018

6 Monroe TWP, NJ FLENJ Pique Proficiency by Martina Bex 9am-3pm


February 2019

March 2019

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July 2019

8-12 Itasca, IL (Outside of Chicago) NTPRS ANNUAL CONFERENCE https://www.ntprs.info

23-28 The Agen Conference Agen, France Info here

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