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Comprehensible Online is a unique opportunity to see, hear and learn from skilled CI/TPRS practitioners ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE!!  Last year hundreds of teachers participated in this online event and this year has even more presenters and presentations. It also goes for nearly two months, so there is time to watch, respond and communicate with the presenters!  

Each webinar runs for 30-60 minutes and many include handouts and classroom demos.  Here are some comments about last year’s event:

“So nice to be on holidays! This windy weather is perfect to snuggle up inside.. So far I’ve only watched Annabelle Allen, Bryce, Laurie and Tina Hardegan, which have all been really insightful. Hoping to try out MovieTalk and the classroom jobs next term…”

“As a primary school teacher, I can’t top Amy Vander Deen’s very thorough presentation. However I just loved Laurie Clarcq’s Open Sesame, on negotiables, non-negotiables and – importantly – being open to the new, with trust, humour, bravery and creativity. Many more to go, “

What I loved most as a participant was the ability to watch when I was available, instead of having to rearrange my entire schedule in order to participate!  I could also ask questions and make comments in a way that isn’t always possible at a conference…and I could watch a webinar more than once!

What I loved most as a presenter was the conversations that resulted from the posts about each webinar!  I was able to answer questions and help individual teachers during and after the conference.

This year the conference webinars will be organized by categories so that participants can see at a glance what is available and what meets their needs.  There are also webinars that help participants who are just starting to understand and/or implement Comprehension-based instruction… whether you have been in the “field” for a while, or just getting started, there is something for you here!

You can find more information about the conference and registration here:  

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