When The Sun Shines

This is a tough time of the year in many parts of the country. It’s been a rough winter. When it’s been that rough outside, it can get rough inside too! Some of you haven’t had a full week of school in a long time because the weather keeps getting in the way. Some of you haven’t seen the sun in weeks. (Yes, that actually happens!)

We are finally getting to the point when we can finally see a little hope for a break in the weather. We need it. And when it breaks and the sun comes out, most of us don’t complain that it FINALLY SHOWED UP. We don’t whine that it SHOULD BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME.

We know that life isn’t like that. So let’s be a bit easier on ourselves, and on our students. Those brilliant, sunny moments in the classroom just don’t happen every day. Getting everyone going in the same direction and accomplishing something in just over a half hour is a major accomplishment.

So when the sun shines….indoors or out…just enjoy it. Bask in it. Soak it up and let it fill you. Don’t darken it by thinking that it’s about time those kids got it together or that they should be like this all of the time. Let it shine. Don’t throw any shade in it’s direction. We need to see that moment and remember it just as it is.

Teaching isn’t executing the perfect choreography, no matter what you have been told. It’s dancing in the sun, and in the rain. Both dances are beautiful. They are just different.

with love,



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